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Adopt Your Little Pet: Virtual Pet Adoption GameAdopt Your Little Pet is a virtual pet adoption game where you can raise your own lion, tiger, bear, cat, or dog, or be adopted by friends to join their family. The app utilizes augmented reality (AR) technology, allowing your pet to accompany you on a...




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During the running

During the running

During the running sequence, players can pick

 your precious metal!

your precious metal!

you have the option to continue running by paying with dynamite.

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you have the option to continue running by paying with dynamite.

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the score tally is duly increased. From time to time, players encounter a checkpoint

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Players can also grab boosters that permit them to obtain extra bars of gold, doubling their score tallies,

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you can construct a dream home of your own for Tom or Angela from the very foundations up

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styles and snatch energy boosts on the run. Eventually the endless pursuits will pay dividends

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Angela or Talking Tom to relentlessly pursue the thief and reclaim your precious metal!